UI Centric agency
Lead UI designer

During my time at UI Centic as a design consultant, I worked on various UI designs, including projects for Microsoft, Macallan UI, BT Business website, UEFA, and various touchscreen solutions.

Testimonial: He has excellent creative skills, a self-starter with an amazing work ethic who works equally well alone or within a structured team. In addition, he has a passion for cross platform UI design. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to him.
Kalem Fletcher, Founder UI Centric

  • Created concepts and visualised innovative design solutions.
  • Applied a Design Thinking approach and Design first principles
  • Translated sketches/wireframes into fully functional designs
  • Produced multiple concepts and prototypes.
  • Approached every project with a fresh eye.
  • Collaborated with in-house team of Designers and Developers.


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